February 23, 2020, 14.00-18.00. Salon. Leiden, Grand Café De Burcht.  DJ: TangOsa (Marinella). Entrance: € 12  including a drink.

Locatie De Burcht

Burgsteeg 14, 2312 JS Leiden.

DJ Ville Hiltula

DJ Ville Hultila will make a performance on november 26 op in De Burcht in Leiden during the salon from Corazon Leiden.

Ville Hiltula

The music will be provided by DJ Ville Hiltula. Trio Villle Hiltula will play beautifull, very danceable music !

And of course we'll be there to welcome you in person.

Date: Sunday, november 26, 2017 Time: 14:00 - 18:00 hrs, Place: Tuinzaal of Grand Café De Burcht, Burgsteeg 14, Leiden

Entrance: E 15,- including 2 drinks. De Burcht serves a tasty dinner for E 13,50. Nice to socialize afterwards with good food and drinks. And nice people!

Trio Ville Hiltula (bandoneon), Ruzana Tsymbalova (violin) & Anke Steenbeke (piano)

This amazing tango trio has it everything to guarantee a wonderful tango dance afternoon at tango salon El Corazón. These three internationally renowned professional tango musicians are full of great technical skills, rhythmical power and passion. Their repertoire is highly danceable with a good combination of great golden age tango arrangements and exciting newly written tunes. DJ Ville Hiltula makes sure that the dance floor will stay crowded also between the live sets with his great selection of tandas and exciting cortinas. Come to dance and spend a wonderful Sunday afternoon at tango salon El Corazón with new changed Sunday friendly hours from 14h to 18h.


Ville Hiltula - bandoneon
Internationally renown Finnish bandoneon player and tango musician Ville Hiltula has been performing widely all over the world including Argentina, USA, Japan, South Korea, and most of the European countries. He has collaborated with many other renowned tango artists such as Ryota Komatsu, Gustavo Beytelmann, Victor Hugo Villena, Roberto Alvarez y Su Color Tango, Pablo Agri, among many others. He is the founding member of tango groups such as Ville Hiltula Quartet, Tangueros Polares, Tangueros Articos, NoEsTango and Perrito Caliente. He also played 10 years in internationally renowned tango group Carel Kraayenhof y Su Sexteto Canyengue between 2005-2015. Ville Hiltula has been also DJing actively at the milongas and tango festivals widely all over the world since 2015, including Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Finland, USA, Japan & South Korea. He has a extensive collection of high quality tango recordings and the knowledge of the music to make the evening unforgettable and enjoyable experience for the dancers. More information can be found from his website
Ruzana Tsymbalova - violin 
She was born in Russia into an artistic family. Her father is a professional violin player and her mother a dancer and singer (website: Ruzana grew up on the stage with her family, from the age of two she featured in her parents performances as a dancer. At the age of six she learnt to play the violin. She finished her classical training in Russia in 1994 cum laude. She performed with symphony and gipsy orchestras and worked for "Mosconcert", one of Russia's biggest concert organisations, touring in Russia and abroad; Finland (1996) and Norway (2001). In 2003 she travelled to Holland to learn and exchange, specialising in tango music. She finished her bachelor studies at the conservatory in Rotterdam in 2007 with a 9,5. Since 2003 Ruzana has toured through Europe as a member of one of Europe's best tango orchestras - OTRA. She has performed at the Buenos Aires Tango Festival. She was asked to participate in numerous television performances in Holland. She also had the honour to meet and perform for her majesty the queen of the Netherlands for the opening of the WMDC. She’s been also playing with Quinteto Zarate, and she’s the member of tango quintet Locos Lindos. She’s the tango violin teacher at Codarts tango department in Rotterdam.

Anke Steenbeke – piano. She started her piano studies at the age of 8. At the Academy of Music and Speech in Eeklo, she took piano courses with professor Lieve Vossaert. After nine years she decided to evolve her passion for piano at the Conservatory of Ghent. With her mentor Johan Duijck she has specialized in classical piano music. In 2007, Anke graduated with honors. Since then she has been active as a piano teacher and accompanist at the Academy of Music and Word in Tielt. To increase her knowledge, she took several master classes with, amongst others, Jan Vermeulen, Levente Kende and Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden.Besides her passion for the classical piano music, Anke is also intrigued by Argentinian tango music. During her search for new influences she moved to the Netherlands. She began a specific tango piano study at the Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam. She follows specialized courses with masters of tango music, including Gustavo Beytelmann Nicolas Ledesma, Cristian Zarate … She is a member of several tango groups, including the tango quintet ‘LocosLindos’ and’ Roffa Tango Trio’. In 2014 she completed her studies at the Tango Department of the Rotterdam Conservatory with excellence. Anke currently combines piano teaching with recitals. Some culminating points were her performances at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw and the Cumbre Mundial del Tango in Buenos Aires (Argentina). With Roffa Tango Trio, she was laureate of Supernova, a contest by radio Klara.


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