December 8, 2019, 14.00-18.00. Salon. Leiden, Grand Café De Burcht.  DJ: Aad de danser. Entrance: € 12  including a drink.

December 8, 2019, 13.00-14.00 interactive lecture about tango by Aad de Danser. Entrance: € 5,-

Attention: this is instead of november 24

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Locatie De Burcht

Burgsteeg 14, 2312 JS Leiden.

DJ Ville Hiltula

DJ Ville Hultila will make a performance on november 26 op in De Burcht in Leiden during the salon from Corazon Leiden.

Ville Hiltula

This salon we'll have a great performance by Federico Suarez and Silvia Mezzasoma, who will also teach two workshops before.

DJ: Lawrence!

This time the salon will start at 19:00 hrs. Because of the performance, the entrance will be € 12, including two drinks of your free choice from the bar.

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