Due to the Corona virus there is no salon until further notice.

Locatie De Burcht

Burgsteeg 14, 2312 JS Leiden.

DJ Ville Hiltula

DJ Ville Hultila will make a performance on november 26 op in De Burcht in Leiden during the salon from Corazon Leiden.

Ville Hiltula

The workshps will be held at La Marabunta. Look here for directions.

Workshop 1, 27 augustus, 2017 (15:30-16:30): Basic workshop for beginners. No previous experience required.

In this workshop, meant for complete beginners or anybody simply curious about Tango Argentino, we will cover the very basics of connecting with each other, moving together  and following the music of this passionate and sensual dance. We will discover the principles of how to lead and follow and learn some simple steps which will make us able to move on the dance floor.
Workshop 1 will be for free and anybody can join or watch. It will take 60 minutes.

Workshop 2, 27 augustus, (16:30-18:00): Flexibility of Axis - Advanced Sequences. Recommended for advanced dancers.

In this workshop we will work with sequences that play with the conscious lead of change of weight and direction in order to pass the follower from one side of the leader to the other, dancing side by side both on the left and right side as well as switch from the parallel into the crossed system, all while dancing in closed embrace.
Workshop 2 we would charge 15 Euro per person and previous registration will be required (to make sure its balanced). It will take 90 minutes.
Federico Suarez from Argentina and Silvia Mezzasoma from Italy met and started working together as teachers and performers of Tango Argentino in The Netherlands. They have their own school "La Marabunta" in Leiden where they teach their authentic Salon style. They have been studying with famous dancers such as Sebastian Achaval and Roxana Suarez, Juan Martin Carrara and Stefania Colina and Sebastian Arce. Among their recent accomplishments is reaching the semifinals of the UK European Championship in Tango Salon in London 2017.

Federico en SliviaFederico silvia2federico silvia3

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