Sunday november 27, 2022, salon cancelled.


Locatie De Burcht

Burgsteeg 14, 2312 JS Leiden.

DJ Ville Hiltula

DJ Ville Hultila will make a performance on november 26 op in De Burcht in Leiden during the salon from Corazon Leiden.

Ville Hiltula

Tango! The story behind the music (13.00-14.00). Donato, Fresedo and Biagi.
A party animal, a refined romantic and a whimsical virtuoso
This interactive presentation in English focuses on three of the most popular orchestras from the Golden Age of tango music. They are presented through a mix of music, video, photos, anecdotes and challenges for the audience. 
They each made very different music, so it’s easy to compare them in order to grow your awareness of the characteristics of tango songs. And the more you hear in the music, the more you’ll enjoy it and the better your dance will be.
Aad caught the tango virus 15 years ago, Since then, he has not only been dancing and (later) DJ’ing: he has also fanatically collected stuff about tango music and history. For his presentations (he has more!) he combines his enthusiasm with his MA in History.
Both tango veterans and beginners will come away from this presentation with new insights and new inspiration. Entrance: € 5,-.
Salon (14.00-18.00).  All info: Facebook, our website or . 

DJ Aad de danser will create tender musical tanda's! And we will be there to welcome you.

Entrance € 12,-. This includes a free drink.

And if after the salon you don’t feel like cooking at home,  check out what De Burcht/Het Koetshuis have to offer!
We’re hoping to see you all again.
Abrazo, team Corazón, Aad, Cor, Ingrid, Tristan

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