Sunday november 27, 2022, salon cancelled.


Locatie De Burcht

Burgsteeg 14, 2312 JS Leiden.

DJ Ville Hiltula

DJ Ville Hultila will make a performance on november 26 op in De Burcht in Leiden during the salon from Corazon Leiden.

Ville Hiltula

June 24 Tangosalon El Corazón will celebrate its 5th anniversary! For this special occasion we have a very spectacular treat for you: live music from El Muro. Before the salon, at 18:00, there will be a workshop about techniques from meditation and tantra for tangodancers. You can subscribe under "contact".

About El Muro: El Muro is an Argentine-Norwegian tango band formed in November 2016. They made their Argentina debut in March 2018 playing in La Viruta, Salón Canning, Usina del Arte and other venues in Buenos Aires and Patagonia. They have conducted regular tours to Germany, and have performed in Switzerland, Italy, Holland, England, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. El Muro collaborates with some of the leading Argentine singers such as Juan Villarreal, Negro Falótico and Chino Laborde. Their music is a mix of Argentine traditional tango with elements of jazz and modern music. They have a specific repetoire for tangosalons, what makes their music very dancable. They will play accoustic at our salon because our experience is that accoustic sounds the best at our salon. With a distinctive musical expression and lots of energy on stage, they have become a cherished band among music lovers and tango dancers alike. 

El Muro foto 1El Muro foto 2El Muro foto 3

Video links: Así se baila el tango (Official Music Video) . Rebeldía - El Muro ft. Juan Villarreal - Live at Cosmopolite . Bahía Blanca – Den Norske TV-Skolen i Lillehammer . Social Media: Website . Facebook

About the workshop meditation and tantra techniques for tango dancers (18.00-19.00): There will be an inspiring workshop. How is it to dance after a short relaxation ecxercise? What is the meaning of contact from the heart (corazòn)? What is the difference between thinking how you dance and feeling how you dance? How can you dance more from relaxation? And more. We will do unknown and surprising ecxercises. Nice to start our fifth anniversary in this way! By Cor van Kippersluis & Ingrid Brinkhuis. All levels. No partner necessary.  Subscription:  Price: euro 10,- (minima euro 5,-). Cor van Kippersluis is since almost 30 years a meditation teacher, tantra teacher, hynotherapist and psychologist. Ingrid Brinkhuis will assist this evening. More information: en

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